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DR Power Inductors


High frequency transformer

Quick Details:

Unshielded DIP Drun Core Inductors

Part No.                 OD(Typ)             L(Typ)             Pin(No.)            

DR4W0608             6.00                   8.00                 4W                


Contain high - frequency ferrite,comparatively large rated current.


Power supples,DC-DC converters,TVs,VTRs,Computers;computer Peripherals,Telephones,
Air-Cindltions,Home Elecyric Appliance,Electronic toys and games.

Company Information:

Zhongshan Anwen Technology CO, Ltd Was established in 2005. Our off ice is in Zhongshan and factory is located in JIANGXI, China.


We produce many different types of electronic components, such as SMD chip beads SMD chip inductors, SMD power inductors, Mn-Zn ferrite cores, Ni-Zn ferrite cores, iron powder cores, choke coils, High Frequency Transformers and LAN Transformers These components are extensively used in the information / communication consumer product industries, including areas such as automotive electronics, projectors, ADSL modems, digital camera's LCD monitors, notebooks, printers, servers, and many others. Besides, we are available for OEM/ODM and custom made electronic components.


Our production system is certificated with iso9001: 2015 under complete and severe quality management we assure you stable production procedure and good quality, In addition the quick delivery is what we contribute our efforts to and our guarantee to customers. Furthermore, our products are certificated with RoHS. All goods are submitted for test and verify, and the SGS reports are complete, too.


Telecom products support T1/E1/CEPT/ISDN-Pri, T3/DS3/E3/STS-1, Echelon and Digital Audio and IsDN s-and isDN U-Interface, telecom infrastructure equipment CPE, VoIP, audio interface. Transformers, inductors, chokes, POTS splitters and filters for ADsL, G Lite, HdSL HDsl2, SDSL, VDSL VDSL2, TR127: filter modules for sdv and Home Phoneline networking(HPN)IM8 & 10M8 Broadband Applications, including Excelsus brand dSl filters, splitters and accessories for CPE, Co and MTU applications worldwide; also featuring the eTheta brand, e series of xDSL, low pass, filter modules for co and cpe.


The Power Division offers a broad range of power inductors and transformers used in AC/DC power supplies and DC/DC converters, discrete and embedded; power used inductors, high-frequency power transformers; gate drive transformers; current sense magnetics; common mode chokes; low-frequency transformers.

 Toroidal coil Auto-Winding machines, This equipment is a proprietary product of our company, The problem of magnetic loop in LAN Transformer is completely solved, The quality of the LAn Transformer is guaranteed.